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Public Parks, Yerucham

Creating green open spaces that will make the development town of Yerucham a better place to live and encourage new settlement.

The small development town of Yerucham, just 20 miles southeast of Be’er Sheva in the Negev, is undergoing huge changes — and JNF UK is helping to make them happen.

Among the many renovation projects in the town are the improvement and establishment of 5 public gardens within the old neighbourhoods of Yerucham. Many of these neighbourhoods are more than half a century old and have had little or no investment in recent times.

The plan is to create new public parks where necessary, or to improve already existing ones. These will provide green open spaces, recreation facilities and a playground in each neighbourhood.

So many people in Israel live in apartment buildings, but outside areas are vital to children and adults alike. It is hoped that the creation of beautifully maintained public gardens will not only provide for the current residents, but will also help Yerucham  attract new families to the area – something its dynamic Mayor, Michael Biton, is working hard to achieve.

With its 10,000 strong population, Yerucham has historically suffered from high levels of poverty and a low socio-economic status. JNF UK currently supports a number of projects in the town with the aim of helping to improve the quality of life for its residents. Ultimately this will make Yerucham a more attractive place for new residents to settle.