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Renovation of Veteran Olim Social Clubs in Arad and Ashkelon

Over the past couple of decades, thousands of olim from former Soviet Union have chosen Arad and Ashkelon as their homes. Most of these olim are now elderly and many of them are Second World War veterans and holocaust survivors. They have a strong sense of community and depend mostly on each other for social connections. Unfortunately many of them suffer from loneliness.

In response to their need for a social club, both the Arad and Ashkelon municipalities allocated buildings for this purpose but unfortunately, these building are rundown, unfit for purpose and desperately need updating.

JNF UK believe that it is important to help these senior citizens, at this vulnerable stage in their lives and have plans to transform both venues into a warm and welcoming place that the members will feel proud to attend.

Renovation work will include fixing broken flooring, repairing electrical and water lines, plastering and painting. We will also be landscaping the outside space of the Ashkelon Club.

These Clubs mean the world to those who use them and this renovation project will be life-changing for the veterans and holocaust survivors of Arad and Ashkelon. Please donate today.