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Rosh Hashanah Appeal 2021

This Rosh Hashanah JNF UK is raising funds for a vital and ambitious project: helping to build a brand new, rocket-proof high school in Sderot.

Please support our appeal to ensure the children get the safe education they deserve.

Approximate number of rockets launched into Israel during the recent conflict*

Only a few months ago Hamas resumed its indiscriminate targeting of civilians within Israel. 

Across the country, men, women and children were forced to huddle in shelters as thousands of lethal rockets were fired at them, day and night.

In Sderot, which is under the constant threat of terror, residents have only 15 seconds to find shelter when the siren sounds. The children here grow up in constant danger, often suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


When Makif Gutvirt Klali High School was built many decades ago,
no one ever imagined it would be in the crosshairs of fully-armed terrorists. 
The terrible truth is that the school is too old and does not meet local safety requirements. It is undeniably not
rocket-proof or secure.

The local authorities have done what they can to reinforce the structure,
but it isn’t enough.


Built to Israeli bomb shelter specifications, Sderot’s new high school will include 40cm thick reinforced ceilings and walls, enclosed entrances and 42mm glazed windows.  This will now be a place of safety – not fear.

Not only will it provide a modern space to learn in, but most importantly, every area will be rocket-proof.

We want to give the children of Sderot the education they deserve,
but we cannot do it without your help.

Anything you give this Rosh Hashanah will go towards making this vision a reality.

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    *Source: Wikipedia 2021