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Rosh Hashanah 2022 – Building Hope Campaign

Imagine being homeless due to a fire, with no money to fix this and nowhere else to go.  Or being incapable of walking through your front door as your debilitating illness renders you unable to climb stairs.  Or living in a home that is covered in mould, where every breath you take is poisonous.

Our homes are our shelter from the outside world, our safe haven, and our source of comfort yet despite this, tens of thousands of underprivileged Israelis live in dangerous and dilapidated living conditions, unable to afford even basic repairs.

This Rosh Hashanah, with your generous support JNF UK is raising funds to carry out essential repairs and upgrades to the homes of the desperate and poor in southern Israel.

You will be making an immediate impact helping to rebuild their lives and achieve long-term change.

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Since 2017, JNF UK’s support has helped renovate 841 homes in the south 
and restored dignity to 2,652 people.

In 2021, we repaired 198 homes, rebuilding the lives of over 458 people including elderly citizens, Holocaust survivors, single parent families, immigrant families, disabled families, and children.

But there are still hundreds on a waiting list.

Together we must continue supporting this life-changing work. 

By donating, you will be making an immediate impact helping to rebuild lives and achieve long-term change. Without your help these deserving people cannot get the help they need.

 This year Israel will commemorate its 75th birthday and whilst there are many celebrating this historic milestone, we dream of an Israel in which every citizen has the basic right to live safely and comfortably.

Anything you give this Rosh Hashanah will go towards making this vision a reality


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