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Ruach Dromit (Southern Wind)

Ruach Dromit (Southern Wind) is a non-profit organisation providing alternative treatments to cancer patients and their families in the Negev. In 2014, JNF UK helped Ruach Dromit to establish an Outpatient Centre near the Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva and has been supporting them ever since.

The Centre, the first of its kind in the Negev, serves cancer patients and their families throughout Southern Israel by providing them with a range of treatments, workshops and counselling services to relieve physical, emotional and mental pain. Ruach’s Dromit extensive range of services include reflexology, art and music therapy, respite day trips and nutritional advice. The application of treatments delivered by professionally trained volunteers is coordinated with the medical staff of the oncology department in the Soroka Hospital and takes into account the treatment plan of each individual patient.

Until now, cancer patients in the Negev did not have access to this kind of essential support. Due to a lack of resources, Ruach Dromit could previously only offer treatments to a limited number of patients. Partnering with JNF UK has allowed them to expand from a small operation into a large outpatient centre, enabling them to administer treatments more regularly to more people, for as long as they need.

JNF UK has been Ruach Dromit’s chief sponsor since it opened in 2014, playing an instrumental role in establishing the Centre, purchasing equipment and covering running costs. Ruach Dromit now administers upwards of 220 treatments per month, helping thousands of cancer patients and their families in the Negev.