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Sderot Park and Playground

JNF UK is improving the quality of life for the embattled residents of the front-line towns in Israel’s south, including Sderot.  More than half of all children in Sderot suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with many not recalling a life without fear.

JNF UK wanted to help young people cope with the trauma of life under fire by creating a range of positive, family-friendly spaces for all residents to enjoy, in which they can spend time with friends and family.

Our commitments to Sderot have been fulfilled in two stages:

Phase one saw the complete regeneration of Sderot’s neglected central park, providing a welcome oasis of calm and peace where all residents can enjoy.

Phase two saw the development of a beautiful new boulevard, as well as a skate-park and playground for the children of Sderot.