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Urban Forests

When the pioneers of the state of Israel arrived, they were greeted with a mostly barren land. Many of Israel’s forests have been lovingly plated and nurtured since then, with the assistance of Jewish people in the diaspora. For decades, JNF UK has helped people donate and plant saplings in Israel’s forests. Thanks to the long standing Jewish tradition of tree-planting, Israel entered the 21st Century as the only country to have a net gain in its number of trees.

Now, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to plant mature trees in cities and towns.

Trees make urban environments healthier and more pleasant. They provide much needed shade and shelter, particularly in arid desert towns where the sun can be punishingly hot for citizens of all ages. Trees also help remove carbon dioxide, dust and other gaseous toxins from the air in built up areas.

Public gardens, school playgrounds and streets used by pedestrians all need planting with established, mature trees in order to bring immediate benefits. Per tree, these are more expensive than the saplings we plant in forests. There are also additional costs involved as we have to research which variety of tree works best in a particular area, contract workmen to dig up concrete pavements and even run irrigation pipes to the right spot so the trees can thrive.

The reward for this hard work is the decades of pleasure and benefit brought to the citizens who will life and breathe better in their home towns and cities.

Planting trees in Israel is the perfect way to mark special occasions. JNF UK can help you plant trees on the occasion of weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials and all other celebrations and commemorations.

In this way, your memories can be deeply rooted in the soils of Israel. Not only will it benefit the land and the people of Israel but you will always remember what is close to your heart.

Your contribution will help pay for establishing prominent, more visible urban trees which will benefit the lives of those living nearby. Donors who sponsor urban trees can also know where their trees have been planted, and who might be benefiting from them. Larger donations can also be recognised with a plaque.

Join us to become part of Israel’s new tree-planting for the 21st Century. Click here to order a tree certificate today or click on the green button below to donate to this project.