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Yad Tamar

In 2009, the Yad Tamar organisation was established. Tamar’s vision was to assist cancer patients and their families by strengthening and reinforcing their emotional and economic status. Over the years professionals and volunteers have dedicated their time to be a support unit for those suffering with the illness.

Their HUG Model (Helping, Understanding, Giving) pin points key areas of support provided to the sufferers. The model empowers the extended community to become the front line of support, in a way that is kind, effective and non-intrusive. Whether patients need someone to drive them to their next hospital appointment, pick their children up from school or cook a meal for Shabbat, Yad Tamar is on hand to lend this support.

However, the entire model would crumble without the necessary resources and training. Yad Tamar trains both individuals and communities across the country, who serve as ambassadors, providing systemic assistance to patients and their families. With this, a network of volunteers, allows them to reach a greater number of people in a more timely and efficient manner.

Yad Tamar are looking to extend this model to reach more patients. JNF UK hopes to provide funding that will not only expand the model but help manage the programme, promote the project, deliver workshops for volunteers and activities for cancer patients.