The Relationship between JNF UK and KKL

JNF UK and KKL have a similar history. However, JNF UK has always been independent of KKL.

Originally, the trustees of JNF UK decided that the appropriate way to fulfil its objects was to remit funds to KKL to support charitable projects of KKL. Historically, JNF UK’s relationship with KKL was governed by a series of trust deeds which set out how KKL was to use JNF UK’s money.

The relationship between JNF UK and KKL broke down in 1999. The main issue was that KKL wanted JNF UK to recognise that it was a branch of KKL and to recognise its supremacy over JNF UK; JNF UK refused to acquiesce. In order to attempt to move on from this argument, on 9 June 1999 the parties reached an agreement which acknowledged that JNF UK was an independent UK charity.

In March/April 2005, JNF UK stopped sending funds to KKL; it had lost confidence in KKL’s ability or willingness to apply JNF UK’s funds as directed by JNF UK. On 17 October 2005, KKL purported to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding. Lengthy litigation followed, which was settled with a re-affirmation of JNF UK’s independence.

Today, KKL is one organisation among many in Israel invited by JNF UK to submit project proposals which are assessed in the same way as all other project proposals. JNF UK is not obliged to support KKL’s projects nor the projects of any other JNFs. JNF UK operates independently; it has no formal relationship with any other JNF or KKL other than its subsidiary and related companies in England (including JNF Educational Trust and KKL Charity Accounts).