The request for funding  2017 has closed. We will advertise a new form in the future. For more information call 020 8732 6100.


Invitation to Submit Project Support Requests to JNF UK 2017

JNF UK (JNF Charitable Trust) has been involved for many years in building, developing and supporting projects in Israel. For the past few years JNF UK has concentrated on supporting southern Israel and the Negev region.

JNF UK invites you to submit requests for support of new projects in southern Israel.

Use this form to submit your request by no later than 1 June 2017.

Link to the form: Click here

Qualifying projects which progress to the next stage will be asked to provide further details. These projects will then be considered by the JNF Projects Committee, who will decide if JNF UK will support the project, on what terms and the level of financial support which will be given.

Project Criteria:

  1. Building and developing southern Israel and the Negev.
  2. Priority will be given to capital/infrastructure projects rather than operating and running costs.
  3. Priority will be given to projects with substantial financial leverage or support from other sources.
  4. Projects will require naming rights for JNF UK and its donors.
  5. Projects will only be considered which have not yet commenced and where funds are required for 2018 and onwards.

* A number of projects can be submitted.

For any questions you are welcome to contact Dan Shapira.

Email: Phone: 972-52-6950220