Tenufah Bakehila


Like people all over the world, most Israelis have spent the last few months under lockdown. It’s starting to be lifted – but for many, the feeling of being trapped is not over. After spending weeks confined to decrepit, run-down residences, it’s never been clearer that not every house is a home. Right now, vulnerable Israelis – including Holocaust survivors – are struggling physically and mentally due to the awful conditions they live in.

Tenufa Bakehila (Building Hope) is one answer. They provide urgent home repairs and psychological support for families in poverty who are unable to cope. Their skilled labourers and social workers work holistically to not only help with immediate problems, but also build the foundations for a more hopeful future. It’s urgent work – please give generously so Tenufa Bakehila can get started right away.

£25.00 – Replace faulty lighting so residents are no longer in the dark

£50.00 – Clean and paint two rooms for a better living enviroment

£75.00 – Renovate a kitchen so food can be prepared hygienically

£100.00 – Fix broken showers and toilets for good health and dignity

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